My One Direction Concert/Dilemma

If you are wondering if I am feeling better, yes I am.  I have almost recovered but still have quite a cough.   If you are wondering what I am talking about, see this blog post:  Not to worry though…I am still surviving as I just started my next dreadful semester of college today.

So yes, I like One Direction.  I didn’t always.  I used to be so annoyed with their music and every fan girl that went along with it.  But at my work they would play their music time and time again and I eventually found myself singing along to all of their songs and following Harry Styles’ twitter like a lost puppy.  I don’t know how it all happened. haha

Anyway, my cousin got tickets to go to one of their concerts this summer.  She originally invited her cousin but that cousin wasn’t able to make it.  She then invited me. But I swear there was some force not wanting me to go to that One Direction concert.

I was driving down 2 hours to Milwaukee, where my cousin lived (also where the concert took place), got half way there and my temp and check engine light went on in my car.  So I pulled over.  Keep in mind there wasn’t an exit for miles because I was on a stretch in the highway between cities.  The nearest service station was 7 miles away. I was freaking out at that point because I didn’t know what to do and I know absolutely nothing about cars.  I don’t feel comfortable flagging down people because talking to people I don’t know just makes me anxious.  They would probably think I was some idiot…I don’t know.  I opened the hood and saw that there was no coolant.  I had just filled it up 2 days prior because it was getting low.  So I was thinking that there must be a leak.  I didn’t have any coolant in my trunk so I thought I was screwed.  I decided to call up my mechanic brother who lived in a different city about 45 mins from where I was at that point.  But my cell service was cutting in and out.  No luck.  Luckily, a car with 2 older guys pulled over to see if I needed any help.  They miraculously had like 4 gallons of water in their trunk.  They put that in my coolant tank…which apparently you can do.  I was planning on then driving to a service station near the area but I didn’t want to have to dish out a bunch of money.  I had told these 2 guys where my brother lived and they lived about 10 mins from there and were in the middle of heading up there.  They told me my car probably wouldn’t make it to Milwaukee but would make it to my brother’s town.  Since they were heading that way anyway, they said they would follow me in case anything were to happen again.  I thanked them and headed on my way…the opposite way of the One Direction concert.  I didn’t think there was any way I would make it now.

I called my brother on the way and he told me to drive it into the shop so he could take a look at it and fix it.  He was working off the clock, so it was free for me.  Thanks brother! I called my cousin and told her I couldn’t make it because my car was going to take a few hours, but she said she wanted to drive up and come get me.  My brother’s town is about an hour and a half from where she lives. So I left my car over at my brother’s shop for a few nights while I was in Milwaukee.

We got to the concert a little late but it turned out, there were so many people still filing in, they didn’t actually start the concert until 9:30.  The concert was scheduled for 7.  It was a lot of fun and I think I went deaf!  Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure if you care to see 🙂

It's me on the left. We have some photobombing going on. lol
It’s me on the left. We have some photobombing going on. lol


Harry reppin the Packers!
Harry reppin the Packers!
Of course I had to use the Brewer Snapchat filter at Miller Park even though there was no Brewer game :P
Of course I had to use the Brewer Snapchat filter at Miller Park even though there was no Brewer game 😛

I hope you found this post interesting.  Follow me if you’d like.  Thanks for reading!  🙂



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