Found a Cat

Sorry I have not been blogging as much.  I am yet again swamped with homework every night.  I thought I would just update you a little bit.  For those of you that do like lifestyle sort of blogs, keep reading.  =) I recently took a trip to see my Grandpa 2 hours up north.  There… Continue reading Found a Cat

DIY Beachy Shell Candle

While cleaning my room out this summer, I found a box with a bunch of shells in it from my Florida trip a long time ago.  When I say a long time ago I mean when I was a young child. You can probably tell when the last time I properly cleaned my room was.… Continue reading DIY Beachy Shell Candle

My One Direction Concert/Dilemma

If you are wondering if I am feeling better, yes I am.  I have almost recovered but still have quite a cough.   If you are wondering what I am talking about, see this blog post:  Not to worry though…I am still surviving as I just started my next dreadful semester of college today. So yes,… Continue reading My One Direction Concert/Dilemma

Hello new friends!

This is my first time starting a blog and I must admit I am a bit intimidated.  I never thought I had the greatest of writing skills and still don’t.  But nevertheless, here I am.  I never thought I of all people would be sharing what I had to say with the internet nor did… Continue reading Hello new friends!